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Spring is the best season to refresh your home, make it nice place to relax. We offer a great opportunity to do it!

From 13£/hour
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Life is too short to spend your weekends doing boring house work! Leave it to us, we can help you!

From 11£/hour
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The appearance of your premises says a lot about your business. We are experienced in delivering a high quality office cleaning services.

From 11£/hour
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Have you had the best party ever? But you feel tired to fix that mess left behind? Ok, we are here!

From 13£/hour

Cancellation Policy

  1. The customer may cancel or change the time of a cleaning service by giving at least 48 hours notice prior the service. They can do this over the phone or by email.
  2. The client may terminate a regular cleaning service by giving at least one full week's notice prior the cleaning service in writing via email, giving reason and specifying the last cleaning date.
  3. The customer must pay the full price of a cleaning visit if the appointment is changed or cancelled less than 48 hours before the agreed start of the visit.
  4. The customer must pay the full price of a cleaning visit if the cleaner is unable to enter the property due to no-one being home to allow access, the cleaner is turned away or a fault with they keys provided by the customer. All keys provided must able to open the property without any special knowledge, skill or ability.
  5. The customer must pay the full price of a cleaning visit in the regular service if terminated less then one week before the agreed start.
  6. In the event a customer terminates their cleaning service with the company and we are in possession of customer's keys, it is then customer's responsibility to make sure we know of the termination before the last cleaning appointment, where a hand back of the keys will take place in exchange for any payments due. If the last payment is not made on the last day, then keys will not be returned until final payment is received. In this case, it will then be customer's responsibility to collect their keys from the office following payment.
  7. To protect the business interests of the company, and in respect to the efforts , time and monetary investments we make to organise, approve and ensure quality of all cleaners, we appoint and the customers agrees, that the customer will not engage directly the cleaners, who have been introduced to the customer by our cleaning company, for the duration of agreement and 12 months henceforth. The customer also agrees to not directly introduce our cleaner to another third party to directly engage them for the same period.
  8. In case that this clause is breached, the customeragrees to pay a recruitment fee of £300 to the company. Otherwise the cleaning company will look for their rights at the small claim court.