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Spring is the best season to refresh your home, make it nice place to relax. We offer a great opportunity to do it!

From 13£/hour
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Life is too short to spend your weekends doing boring house work! Leave it to us, we can help you!

From 11£/hour
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The appearance of your premises says a lot about your business. We are experienced in delivering a high quality office cleaning services.

From 11£/hour
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Have you had the best party ever? But you feel tired to fix that mess left behind? Ok, we are here!

From 13£/hour



Life is too short to spend the weekends doing the boring work at home. Take this time for your loved ones, and we will do the rest. Our task is to make you and your family happy and satisfied, returning to a clean and brilliant home. So your vacation will be complete. Our customers know that it is easy to work with us - quick booking and specifying the details, flawless service, friendly staff.No minimum contract! We work around and to your convenience!

Our regular cleaning service includes:
* BATHROOM: sanitise the reachable surfaces; clean the shower cabin; bath tub; sink and fitting de-scaling; sanitise the toilet; clean mirror, cupboards, shelves, wash the floor.
* KITCHEN: clean and sanitise all surfaces, clean hobs, splash backs, clean microwave, vacuum/mop the floor, clean skirts.
* BEDROOM: dust the reachable surfaces, change of bedding, clean mirrors, hoover and mop the floor, clean skirts.
* LIVING ROOM: dust/polish all reachable surfaces; wipe all furniture, hoover/mop the floor; clean skirts;

Please note: To hire a cleaner for a thorough domestic/home clean of a housing/rental property is not a substitution to professional end of tenancy cleaning (as tenants move out), steam cleaning of carpets & rugs nor after builders cleaning.


Spring is the best season to refresh your home, make it nice place to relax. We offer а great opportunity to do it! One - off or Spring cleaning is the best decision!

We are flexible - you can book one lady or team of cleaners. We will discuss all details in advance with you. Our work will follow a checklist for each room in your house.

Spring/one - off cleaning is deep cleaning which includes:

* wipe down skirting boards;
* clean fingerprint spots;
* remove cobwebs;
* vacuum carpets/mop;
* clean wall marks, mirrors;

* dust all furniture and picture frames;
* remove marks from walls;
* clean windows inside, window sills;
* polish mirrors;
* wipe down skirting boards, doors;
* vacuum, mop the floors;

Kitchen is generally the busiest room in every home. We will:
* clean sink and taps, remove limescale, polish;
* clean in and out all cupboards;
* wash and polish all surfaces;
* hoover and mop floor;
* clean oven in and out;
* clean tiles;
* clean dishwasher and washing machine;
* clean microwave;
* clean fridge in/out;
* wipe down skirting boards, door handles;

Favourite place for relax! You deserve to take a rest in nice, clean environment. We will:
* clean tiles, bathtub, shower screen;
* clean sink, polish the mirrors;
* clean and sanitise the toilet;
* clean the cupboards;
* wipe down skirting boards;
* clean windows inside;
* wash the floor/mop;


The appearance of your premises says a lot about your business. It creates a lasting first impression with visitors and staff working in clean, healthy environments. We are experienced in delivering a high quality office cleaning services.

Our service includes:
* cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms sinks, toilets, washrooms;
* window cleaning /inside/;
* cleaning office equipment;
* dusting skirting boards, light switches, handles;
* removing cobwebs;
* floor cleaning moping, vacuuming and polishing;
* watering plants.


Have you had the best party ever? Well done! But you feel tired to fix that mess left behind? OK, we are here!

What our After- party service includes:
* Deep cleaning in the bathrooms and toilet facilities;
* Dust through and polish all surfaces, furniture fittings;
* Remove all cobwebs;
* Clean mirrors, picture frames and other glass surfaces;
* Clean all spots of the walls if it’s possible;
* Clean all switches;
* Clean all doors, skirting boards;
* Clean fire place and surrounding area, polish marble;
* Fronts of cupboards;
* Microwave, oven, fridge inside/out;
* Kitchen sink;
* Windows inside;
* Vacuuming and mopping all hard floors;
* Throw away any leftover rubbish;
* Wipe rubbish bins;
* Taking out and removing all decorations.


You are a landlord or tenant? Then you know what ‘’End of tenancy cleaning’’ is and how hard it can be. You need a thorough and stress-free service. So, we are here to do that work. We offer all -inclusive and professional cleaning for you and your property. We understand how important it is for you. That is why we keep on high quality service, always to the highest clean standard.

What End of Tenancy cleaning includes /short checklist/:
* Vacuuming and mop hard floors;
* Vacuuming and dusting carpets, rugs, upholstery;
* Cleaning and polishing any glass surfaces, windows, mirrors;
* Dusting and polishing wooden furniture, hard surfaces;
* Cleaning in and out all cupboards, drawers, kitchen appliances;
* Clean oven in and out;
* Clean fridge and freezer in and out;
* Cleaning of skirting boards, radiators, doors;
* Cleaning bathrooms – toilet, tub, shower, sink, tiles;
* Removing cobwebs and fingerprints;
* Leaving the property spotless and shining.
Please, note:
* Our service doesn’t include cleaning the property’s exteriors such as garage, balcony, garden;
* A minimum deposit of 50% will be required at the time of booking the service. In some instances, full payment may be requested.


Let's take care of the health of your loved ones together!
The most prominent benefit of opting for alternative, green cleaning measures is the positive impact it can have on your health. We live in an age where people are becoming increasingly concerned about health; you could do yours the world of good by simply changing your cleaning method. TIP TOP Cleaning is happy to offer green cleaning for your home and your loved ones. We provide our owns eco-friendly supplies.

* Allergies reduced;
* Lowers toxic risk;
* Reduces the environmental impact of your home;
* Cost effective;
* Avoids exposing your family to harmful toxins and dangerous chemicals.


Even experienced and very careful builders often leave the premises dusty and in need of through cleaning. It is very difficult and specialised task to remove the mess after builders. Our cleaners will leave your property spotless and sparkle and reveal the beauty in your project. We have designed a task list that covers every corner. We can also tailor a cleaning service that matches your specific requirements. Tip Top Cleaning Services specialises in professional after builders cleaning for private owners, renovation companies and builders for all types of properties.

What our After builders service includes:
* Clean and polish kitchen, bedrooms, lounge, bathrooms and other rooms;
* Hoover and mop all floors;
* Remove all labels from bathrooms, windows, toilet and kitchen appliances;
* Clean the floor of any paint and plaster;
* Clean the windows inside, frames and sills;
* Clean all skirting bards, doors, door frames, door handles;
* Wash all sockets and switches;
* Dust lamp shades, picture frames, curtains, furniture;
* Remove fingerprints;
* Polish mirrors and glass surfaces;
* Clean around the fire place and radiators;
* Check whether all tasks from the checklist are done.
Note: After builders cleaning is carried out when the building works are completed.


We understand that ironing or fridge and oven cleaning can take a long time to do. It’s often messy so why not have them professionally cleaned and sanitized? Our team can deal with the dirtiest parts and areas using professional top branded products and equipment. Our cleaners are trained to provide great results in very little time. We are available on a regular or a one - off basis. We can offer advice and guidance on the right cleaning solution to meet your needs.

We deliver next additional services:
* Inside oven;
* Inside fridge and freezer;
* Inside cabinets;
* Inside windows;
* Ironing;
* Carpet cleaning;

We are happy to adapt our services to your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us for professional advice!