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Spring is the best season to refresh your home, make it nice place to relax. We offer a great opportunity to do it!

From £15/ph
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Life is too short to spend your weekends doing boring house work! Leave it to us, we can help you!

From £13/ph
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The appearance of your premises says a lot about your business. We are experienced in delivering a high quality office cleaning services.

From £13/ph
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In case you are a landlord or a tenant, then you know what ‘’End of tenancy cleaning’’ means and how hard it could be to get done. No worries, as this is one of our jobs.

From £99


What else we are able to do for you? One of our additional services is ironing. Other one is cleaning fridge as we do understand that can take a long time to do. It’s often messy so why not have them professionally cleaned and sanitized? Our cleaning team can deal with the dirtiest parts and areas using professional top branded products and equipment. All of the cleaners are trained to provide great results in very short time. Even better, if you need an advice about the right cleaning solution, we are more than happy to give you the best one.

TIP TOP Cleaning is providing you with the following additional services:
* Cleaning oven inside;
* Cleaning fridge and freezer inside;
* Cleaning cabinets inside;
* Inside windows cleaning;
* Ironing;
* Carpet cleaning;

You are customers of ours, so your opinion and questions come first! If you have got something to ask or would like to give us recommendations, we will listen to you and will do our best to improve the services we offer!